Friday, 18 November 2016


Hey lovies, Happy FriYay! Before I go any further I'd like to say a HUGE thank you to my friends for the support thus far. I finally uploaded my first video on my YouTube channel *Dabs*, the amount of encouragement I've received is overwhelming! Thank you guys! 

Photos By: Lydia Maycock

Right so let's get back to these amazing pieces I've got today! I know it's autumn and some of you would say, "why is she wearing off shoulder in this weather?" Well I realised the off the shoulder is a trend that will be there in all seasons. When I bought this top a few weeks ago I thought I wouldn't wear it till next year summer lol but unfortunately I wanted to share the details of this top. 

Another thing I've come to realise is the ruffle trend that's going on, my top has got that ruffle vibe going on by the wrist and at the bottom of the top.  I was a little confused with the bottom part of the top to be honest because it looks just like a peplum top ( correct me if I'm wrong) 

I paired this top with high waisted jeans, I must say, they are my favourite jeans at the moment. I have lots of ripped jeans but these are different from what I already have! The rips on the knees and ankles give me that extra "I feel good" feeling. 

This look is simple yet elegant. It goes with any body shapes. I felt really comfortable with my body, I didn't have to watch my stomach! Ladies you know what I'm talking about.  Overall this look is affordable. 

I look forward to hearing what you think of this look. 
Top/H&M  (sold out), Jean's/New Look, Heels/New Look

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Have a blessed weekend. 



  1. I love trends like florals that can be worn all year round. This is such a cute top. Stay slaying.x

  2. Definitely! It's a catchy trend. Thanks for stopping by Kezeli. x

  3. That top is lovely and perfect for all seasons. Great to brighten up a gloomy season with some florals. I get too cold easily so I'll probably wear a polo knit underneath for extra warmth. Great look xxx


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