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Hey dolls! I apologise for being absent for so long! I feel like I take way too much time before I update you on something and I apologise to you all, life just seems to get in the way all the time. No excuses though, I'm back for good now.

We are in an exciting season A/W, one of my favourite seasons actually as there is so much to play around with (style and colour wise) With that being said, I decided to kick off A/W on my blog with letting you know some of the challenges bloggers face. 

Blogging gives you the opportunity to publish your style to the world and a potential way to make money, however they are challenges that new bloggers face and in many cases the challenges are enough to lead a blogger to give up. 

1. Not Enough Traffic 
It is possibly the most frustrating challenge for many bloggers. Attracting more visitors to your page is something that bloggers do not think about until your blog is launched and find out that not many people are visiting. Chai! 

For new bloggers this can be very discouraging and one can easily give up. 
I find taking a step back and looking at the types of posts I have published, seeing if they are worth grabbing attention. The types of posts I could try and I differentiate myself from other blogs in the industry. I also look at my posts that have the most views and this helps me to evaluate my blog posts. 
The use of social media is another potential source of traffic which has been working well for me. I take advantage of any good social site to advertise my blog. 

2. No Clear Purpose 

Every blog should have a clear purpose. If you have a personal blog your focus is drawing your friends and family to your page and you can pretty much post whatever you want. But if you are blogging for businesses purposes you have to have an idea what you want to get out of blogging.  If your blog does not have a purpose it will be difficult to retain the interest of your visitors. 

You have to think of what you want to blog about, this could be sharing your thoughts and opinions. Are you blogging to promote yourself or a company? Do you want to make money out of it? What type of posts will get you to where you want to be. You have to the answer to all these questions.

I find that many people start their blogs because someone else is doing so, it is good to get inspiration from people but you have to know your purpose on starting your journey. 

3. Buying Of Clothes

New bloggers have this fear of fitting in the blogging world and they hope that their style can be unique and catchy to their viewers and that's why they find themselves constantly buying new clothes. 

Most of us do not want to wear an outfit we have already posted on the blog lol the struggle is real, but i have come to realise that you can buy all the clothes and shoes in the stores but if you do not know how to style them or let yourself stand out  they become pieces that you'll probably will never wear because you outgrow them or they are not trendy. 

I recently came across one of the bloggers on instagram who enlightened me with her style. She has pieces she's worn before 3 or 4 times but all the times she styled them differently. I call that creativity! If you want to be a style blogger you have to be creative with what you have. You don't need designer wear, you just need good pieces in your closet. 

4. Not Making Blogger Friends 

Having friends who are bloggers is a big influence in the industry these days. You can not do it alone, you have to have friends that have the same mindset as you. People that will give you honest opinions and help you grow. 

However there is a lot of competition going on in this type of industry. The best advice to everyone who is a blogger is don't try and beat your other fellow bloggers, you got to help them so that they can help you. 

You do not necessarily need to have a mutual friend  or be best buddies but you can build relationships through promoting each others contents, collaborating, meeting up or inviting each other for events, share ideas and encourage one another. 

5. Not Following A Routine
When I started blogging I didn't have a routine. I wanted to post anything and everything but I later realised that I need time to evaluate myself. Time to learn about new things, new trends, what other bloggers are posting and what they are talking about. 

Having a routine has helped me to be more organised, to have the time to interact with other bloggers and my viewers. It has also helped me on working on things that I need to promote.

Enough of the chit chatting, I obviously couldn't  leave without sharing an outfit so I thought I should share this gorg denim bangaree I recently purchased from Primark and matched it with one of my old mustard bodysuit from H&M. It was an easy pick and you will be seeing the bangaree in the near future.
I hope you guys have got an insight of my world, if you have any questions or topics you would like me to share, please leave them below. Also let me know what you are most looking forward to in the A/W season.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Have a blessed weekend,




  1. Great post Hun! Definitely a good read and insightful too! Glad you're back! X

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hun, it always feels good to be back xx

  2. Lovely outfit and post! I love making new blogger friends :-)

    Edye | Http://

    1. Great! Sometimes you got to enlarge your circle :).. Thanks for stopping by Edye

  3. Great post, Can so relate to some of the points.


    1. Thanks Hun, there is so much to talk about as well. Xx

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed they are! Thanks for stopping by x

  5. Good read with very useful tips! The color of that top is so pretty. Nice look overall.

  6. Love this- every point, especially building relationship with other bloggers.
    I have to say, I find this quite hard as you do not want to come across too upfront, I wish I was good at it actually.

    Do check out my blog when you get the chance to. xx


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