Saturday, 22 July 2017


Ciao... Last weekend I went away on a girls vacation to Italy. It was my first time visiting Italy, It was one of the countries I had on my travel list and I am happy to say venice has been ticked. However, I do believe  Italy has captured my heart and there is more cities and history to learn about this beautiful country, so expect more in the near future. 


The city is beautiful and it has lovely people. I was amazed at how lovely their historical buildings were and each one of them had great meaning. There's a place called the St. Marks Square also known as Piazza San Marco.   The square has got a lot history and outdoor resturants which allows you to still admire the city as you enjoy your meal. Lunch was under €20 but for dinner expect to pay between €30 - €45 with a drink and service charge. The city is very expensive on the main Island but the good thing is it doesn't need to cost a fortune, and there are few ways to make the city budget friendly. 


During my stay I visited basilica san marco cathedral, this chapel is an important landmark in Europe and it is located in the best place which is in Venice, Italy.  St Marks is wealthy beyond imagination, it is 4,240 square meters covered in ethereal and luminous gold mosaics, the magnificent golden Byzantine retailers known as Palau d'Oro, the inlaid marble floors and the gold reliquary especially and icons in the treasury. 

I had the opportunity to go inside the chapel however they do not allow people to take pictures, so all I had was a guided tour which cost €21, it made me understand a few things about the chapel. I also went to the top of the campanile €8 which gave me a view of San Marco and the rest of the city. The campanile is so tall that it was used by approaching ships as a beacon to guide them home. It was built in the 10th century and completed in the 12 century, but its pointed roof and gilded pinnacle weren't added until the 15th century

To get to St. Marks Square I got on a water bus which took about 10 mintues from Piazza Roma where the main bus station is located. I purchased a 25% discounted ticket for 2 days which was €30. I'll be honest  with you guys when I got on the water bus I was very nervous because they were so many people on already,  and I was thinking of health and safety but clearly when it comes to that they don't think of the risks. The water bus was swerving from one side to the other. Funny thing the locals did not seem bothered which I'm guessing they are used to such transportion.

On the other hand I enjoyed my gondola ride for €20 it is €80 but because I travelled with 3 girls it was cheap.  The gondola took us around the city, it was a toured ride which went past some historical buildings and beautiful Street.  I loved being on the ride and saying hello to everyone. 
Photos taken with iPhone 6

People say Venice is parade but I have come to agree with them because everything about it is so classic. It is indeed a romantic and it should be a "must see". 

Have you been to Venice? What we're your favourite places. 



Monday, 3 July 2017


A quick one from me today with another camo outfit. I was on a search for a camo top and sometime last month I walked into Zara and saw this crop top. I must say it was a love at first sight! Obviously with Zara pricing at times it can scare you little, something so simple can at times be ridiculously expensive. However, I liked it, it was affordable and I got it. 
Photo Credit: Zac
Crop top|Zara, Jeans|Zara, Boots|Boohoo

 I teamed up the camo top with black jeans and khaki sock boots as it only made sense to go in with the khaki combo. I also had to join the crowd of the ladies rocking these sock boots and so far I am happy with them because they are comfy and easy to walk in. 

What are your recent favourite trends? 

CiCi xx

Monday, 26 June 2017


It's yet again another floral glam from me today. If you have been following me, you might have noticed that I like floral things. Today I am excited to share this outfit because I have been wanting to share this look for a long time. I just needed the right weather to wear it out and thankfully Manchester has been good to us these past few weeks no rains just good sunshine not until last weekend. They say the sun is good for the bones right? So I took every opportunity to grab that vitamin D.

Photo Credit: Zac
Mini Floral Set - Boohoo | Heels - JustFab

This outfit right here is a beauty! Its one of those pieces you want to wear all the time, well when its not windy haha. The good thing about it is that is that it can be slayed day or night and you don't have to worry about how to style it because the floral colours kind of guide you on how to mix it up. Fortunate for me I had these blocked heels that go well with it, talking of the blocked heels after I took my shoots the other day I realised that my strap was not fastened the right way urghhh and I had a hair band on my wrist! Error... When I asked my darling beloved why he didn't promt me to remove the hair band on my wrist he said he thought it was a "bracelet" men ey. I would have said we both need glasses for the next shoot but then again we wear them so that wouldn't make a difference lol.

Anyways, these pictures give me that IT'S OK feeling for having a hair band on my wrist and not fastening my heels properly because I am human and will make mistakes, what matters most is the outcome, other people would have photoshoped that but I wanted to leave them as they are and give you the real deal. So I hope you like this look.

Thanks for stopping by. x
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